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Snakes are fascinating creatures for all of us. Although for some that fascination may be terrifying as well. In India people do not know much about snakes, so these creatures are misunderstood and feared. There are around 270 species of snakes in India. But most of the snakes are non venomous and absolutely harmless while only 4; called the Big Four are responsible for thousands of deaths each year. The big 4 include- Cobra (now 4 species), Russell’s viper and Common krait, Saw scaled viper. Venomous snakes are usually in minority and those too can easily be identified based on their physical characteristics.

Over a million are bitten by snake bites each year and out of them 10000-50000 fatalities are reported. In India are around 40 species of snakes that can cause fatalities and half of them are sea snakes. Snakes usually bite in self defence. Fortunately most snake bites are from non-venomous ones. A great majority of bites from venomous snakes even are not life threatening as the snake generally injects only small amount of venom or no venom at all. However any snake bite should be treated as serious.

Many people intend to kill snakes. This is not at all ethical. Moreover killing snakes can be dangerous as snakes can become quite fast and give a fatal bite when provoked. So the best way is to call for snake handlers. This shall not only keep you safe but also help to protect the threatened bio-diversity. In case of any snake may it be non-poisonous caution is advised while handling them because recent studies have shown that even non–venomous ones have toxic saliva.

If you encounter snakes please be calm and do not try to harm it. Just try to keep an eye on its movement from a safe distance. Meanwhile call our snake handlers from the below contacts-

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